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We are finally Å Energi

01. February 2023

Glitre Energi and Agder Energi have officially merged to become Å Energi. Together, we will work for a future based on renewable energy. We aim to generate even more renewable energy, distribute it efficiently around the grid, and make use of it in new and exciting electricity market services, as well as to develop our business in Norway and the Nordic region.

- Finally we are Å Energi! This merger has been a long time in the making, and we are looking forward to the road ahead. Together we will create a forward-looking renewable energy group that will play an important role in the green energy transition. Looking ahead, our main task will be to help society increasingly wean itself off fossil fuels and enable all areas of society to be powered by clean, renewable energy”, says Steffen Syvertsen, the CEO of the Å Energy Group.

- Å Energi will support the development of new industries and jobs in Buskerud and Agder, as well as playing an important role in the Norwegian and Nordic electric power system”, he says.

CEO Steffen Syvertsen in Å Energi

About the name Å

The name Å Energi is simple, straightforward and forward-looking. The name is a reference to both our origins in hydropower (“å” means “river” in Norwegian) and to the letter “å”, which is a distinctive element of the Norwegian language. “Å” is the Norwegian infinitive marker (like “to” in English). It precedes all action – which is what is needed if we are to achieve our goal of a world powered by clean energy. In Norway, there is a saying that “Many small streams make a mighty Å (river)”. Similarly, we must work together to solve our energy-related challenges. Å Energi is a simple and uniquely Norwegian name, which can help us to stand out everywhere in the world. It says something about where we come from, and where we are going.

The name was the result of an extensive process with heavy involvement from employees at both groups. Between them, staff at the two companies proposed almost 1,100 names.

"We are incredibly proud of the engagement shown by our employees and grateful for the hard work put into coming up with the name Å Energi. It is especially pleasing that one of our own members of staff suggested the name that we will develop and use to forge our new future together”, says Steffen Syvertsen.

About us

Our most important social mission is to increase the production of clean, affordable renewable energy, to ensure that the electricity is distributed efficiently around our network, and to develop new and better energy-related services in Norway and the Nordic region – for our customers in rural and urban areas, industry and commerce, premises and homes. That is the only long-term, sustainable response to the energy crisis and the threat of climate change. We want to help develop new industries and jobs in Buskerud and Agder. We will play an important role in the Norwegian and Nordic electric power system, and we will continue to grow by developing our own business.

This is Å Energi

  • Å Energi is Norway’s biggest energy utility, with operations throughout the value chain, from generation through to end users.
  • The cornerstone of the business is hydroelectric power, with around 11.3 TWh generated each year at 72 wholly-owned and part-owned power stations.
  • We are Norway’s second biggest grid operator, with a 30,000-kilometre electricity network that supplies power to approximately 310,000 customers in Buskerud and Agder.
  • The company will manage and trade over 30 TWh of electricity in the Nordic region, be Norway’s leading supplier to the business market and have over 200,000 domestic electricity customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

The energy companies Glitre Energi and Agder Energi have merged into Å Energi. Å is a unique name that can unite us as we embark on our important role in the green energy transition. It is a simple, straightforward and forward-looking name for a big Norwegian electric utility. The name is a reference to both our origins in hydropower–since “Å”means river–and the letter å, which is a distinctive element of the Norwegian language. Å is also the infinitive marker, which describes and inspires big and small actions. And that is exactly what will be required over the coming years: action to achieve our goal of a society based on renewable energy. The merger between Glitre Energi and Agder Energi was completed in November, 2022.

For now, you will hardly notice that the new name of the group will be Å Energi. You still have the same customer relationship with the company you are a customer of, whether that is with one of our electricity suppliers or distribution companies.

The new transmission and distribution company formed by the merger of Glitre Energi Nett and Agder Energi Nett will not be called Å Energi, but Glitre Nett. They are required by national authorities to have a separate name than the rest of the group.

The electricity suppliers Los and Glitre Energi Strøm will change names to Å Strøm. Entelios will keep their current name for now.

Å Energi aims to become the Nordic region’s most forward-looking renewable energy group. The merged group will be the biggest of its kind in Norway, with activities throughout the value chain, from power generation through to end users. Its operations will create wider economic benefits in both the Agder and Buskerud regions.

Glitre Energi and Agder Energi had an internal naming process last year, which generated a lot of engagement in the new name. In just over a week, 1,087 names were proposed by staff at both companies. An employee at in Kristiansand was the person who came up with the name that was finally chosen.

Å Energi is jointly owned by the municipalities in Agder and Buskerud, as well as by Statkraft.

The merger has some consequences for our suppliers with regard to organisation numbers (VAT reg. no.) and other practical matters. Read more about it under supplier info here.