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Financial information

Here you will find our annual and quarterly reports, investor presentations and information about our debt financing.

Financial calendar

Quarterly Report 2 2024:
30th August 2024

Quarterly Report 3 2024:
7th November 2024

Quarterly Reports

Annual Reports

TCFD Climate Risk Reports

Presentations for investors

Debt financing

Å Energi AS is the parent company of the group, and acts as the loan issuer. Most of our debt financing is raised through the Norwegian market for bonds, but the Group also uses other available credit markets to diversity the sources of its loans.

Pari passu and negative pledge clauses ensure equal treatment of all lenders. Loan agreements place limits on borrowing by subsidiaries. Bonds are listed on Oslo Børs.

Å Energi follows the recommendations of Oslo Børs on investor relations. Most loans are NOK-denominated, but some are in euros, to offset the euro cash flows of the electricity generation business. The group’s aim is to have a long-term credit rating of at least BBB+.

Debt financing

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