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Illustration of battery factory in Arendal

Hydropower has been important for the development of Norwegian industry. Now our renewable energy can be central to a new chapter in Norwegian industrial history. Batteries are a key factor to a renewable future.

Batteries represent a major industrial opportunity in a renewable future. Å Energi will help facilitate sustainable batteries and already has several exciting projects within the value chain for batteries.

Morrow Batteries

Å Energi is one of the main owners of Morrow Batteries, which has plans to establish a large-scale battery factory outside Arendal.

The company is already building an innovation center at the University of Agder in Grimstad, and is in the process of raising capital for the establishment of the company's first battery factory. The plan is to have a large-scale battery factory fully developed within four years, with the capacity to produce batteries corresponding to the needs of over 700,000 electric cars annually.

Eco Stor

Å Energi is the co-owner of Eco Stor, which offers affordable energy storage systems by using used electric car batteries.

Eco Stor consists of two business areas. Within 1st life, the company works with first-generation battery solutions that store energy and stabilize the power grid.

Within 2nd life, it is about the reuse of electric car batteries for use in smaller energy storage systems, for example for commercial buildings, industry or agriculture. Central to the solution is an in-house developed software that connects to the battery pack and reprograms it so that the entire battery, including connections, contacts and cabling, can be reused when it is removed from the electric car.