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Hydroelectric power

A natural part of the green energy solutions of the future.


When we generate clean electricity from the water in our rivers, we are making use of nature’s cycles. Each day, we go to work to make sure you have electricity in your sockets – both now and in a sustainable, renewable future.

Guidelines for assignments at Å Energi Vannkraft

Until further notice, the guidelines and procedures established by what was formerly Agder Energi Vannkraft apply.

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Key figures

100 years


with clean energy

11,3 TWh

annual production

from our 72 power plants

700 000

homes with electricity

from hydropower


Power station seen from air

Renewable energy now and in the future

For over 100 years, renewable hydropower has been the key to ensuring that Norway has a reliable supply of electricity and has powered the country’s economic growth. In the future, we must increasingly replace fossil fuels with renewable energy sources in order to achieve our climate goals.

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Warning sign for water

Streamflow and flood warnings

The flow of water in regulated waterways varies throughout the year, and it can also change very quickly as a result of power generation and flood situations. Everyone must therefore be careful and respect the signage when traveling along the waterways.