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Technology and Innovation

teknologi, drammen

At Å Energi, we are working on several exciting projects that will contribute to the success of the ambitious direction we have set.

Technology and digitization are among our most important tools for creating value from innovative digital solutions. Our technical platform for development and innovation is based on Microsoft Azure. The platform is used across all companies and ensures a short implementation time for new solutions.

We have a lot of data - fully structured - to the great delight of technologists and non-technologists alike.

We also have a very competent work force in house that develops solutions and collaborates with innovative external partners. Learning and sharing are set up in a system to ensure individual development. Important focus areas are AI/machine learning, automation and self-service.

The energy industry is changing, and technologists who understand business are becoming increasingly important. We emphasize that our technologists work closely with domain experts to deliver solutions that make everyday life easier and better - both for our employees and for you as the end customer. Sustainability and safety are the basis of everything we do.

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Ingvill Heskestad Mykland

Konserndirektør Teknologi, innovasjon og sikkerhet

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