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Offshore wind

Offshore wind mills

To develop offshore wind to meet the needs for energy

Norway needs more renewable energy to ensure enough electricity for new green industries, to develop mainland industries and to reduce emissions from oil and gas productions.

By combining our expertise and experience from the energy market, and our regional presence with strong partners, Å Energi aims to play a role in the Norwegian development of offshore wind.

Utsira Nord

Consortium: Å Energi, Corio Generation

Through the partnership, Å Energi and Corio Generation want to contribute to Norway reaching its net zero target for 2050, as well as securing the development of a national offshore wind industry that stimulates both innovation and regional and national jobs.

Corio Generation has significant experience in global projects such as floating offshore wind and infrastructure processes.

Southern North Sea II

Consortium: Å Energi, Corio Generation, Vårgrønn

A unique offshore wind consortium with a combination of a solid "track record" with offshore wind globally, experience with and understanding of regional grid infrastructure and market design, as well as close cooperation with the supplier industry.

How can offshore wind contribute in Norway?


More than 50 000 jobs towards 2050


80 billion NOK in yearly value creation

More renewable energy

50 GW by 2050

Norway’s first offshore wind accelerator