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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

Personal data is information that can be linked to you as a person. That could include your name and contact details, but also lots of other information that can be linked to you more indirectly. This privacy policy explains for which personal data Å Energi acts as the data controller. It is important to us that you know which kinds of personal data we process, so that you can exercise your rights under data protection legislation. The latest version of our privacy policy will always be available here on our website.

20. January 2023

Å Energi is considered the data controller for the processing of personal data if we ourselves decide the purpose for which the information is being processed and which tools to use for doing so.

If you have any questions about Å Energi‘s processing of your personal data or about this privacy policy, please e-mail us at

Å Energi has designated a dedicated data protection officer whom you can contact if you have any questions about how Å Energi processes your personal data, or if you need help exercising your rights in relation to Å Energi. The data protection officer has a duty of confidentiality. Å Energi’s data protection officer is Dino Wachendorf.

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer when you visit a website. Some of the cookies are needed in order for various services on our website to work. By visiting, you consent to our use of cookies. As a visitor to, you have a right to be informed of the information we collect about you (cf. The Electronic Communications Act, Section 2-7b). See the separate list of cookies on

All statistics collected are anonymous and cannot be linked to you as an individual. You can find out more about the cookies used on and about the statistical tools in our cookie declaration.

The basis for processing data and generating anonymous statistics is Article 6, 1(f) of the General Data Protection Regulation, which allows us to process the data needed for the purposes of pursuing legitimate interests that override the individual’s right to have their data protected. The legitimate interest is to improve and develop the information on our website.

We mainly process information about you if:

  • You have sent us an enquiry or complaint
  • You have signed up to an event or competition
  • You are attending an event organised by Å Energi
  • You have applied for a job with us
  • You visit our website

We may also receive information about you from third parties in the following situations:

Social media

If you “like” or “follow” our Facebook page or our pages on other social media sites, this is shared with the platform in question in accordance with the platform’s rules. The same applies to your other activity on our social media pages, such as any content you post and posts you like. The platform in question is responsible for the personal data it collects and processes. More information about this processing and your rights are set out in the individual platform’s privacy policy.

Links to other websites

On, there are links to a number of other websites – so-called third party websites. Å Energi has no responsibility for these websites. We recommend that you read the third party websites’ own privacy policies and terms and conditions.

Job applicants

If you are applying for a job with Å Energi, we need to process information about you in order to evaluate your application. As part of the recruitment procedure, we will process the data you provide in the documents to which you give us access. As well as potentially interviewing candidates, Å Energi may conduct its own investigations, which typically involve speaking with the applicant’s references.

Å Energi uses external job search sites to manage applications for our job vacancies.

The basis for assessing the documentation submitted, conducting interviews and phoning references is Article 6, 1(b) of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This clause allows us to process personal data where this is needed in order to carry out actions at the request of the applicant prior to entering into a contract. By applying for a position and uploading documents, we consider that an applicant has requested that we assess the documentation submitted, conduct an interview and phone their references with a view to signing a contract of employment.

If we perform our own investigations beyond this, for example by contacting someone who has issued a certificate but is not given as a reference, the basis for this is Article 6, 1(f) of the GDPR, which allows us to process the information needed to pursue a legitimate interest that overrides the interests or fundamental rights and freedoms of the individual. This legitimate interest here is to find the right candidate for the position.

You do not need to provide any special categories of personal data in your application or at your interview. However, you may choose to do so. If you inform us that you have a disability that will require adaptations to your workplace or working arrangements, we have a duty to process this information in accordance with Article 9, 2(e) of the GDPR, which covers information that is manifestly made public by the data subject. In other cases, the basis for us processing your personal data is Article 6, 1(a) of the GDPR, in other words your explicit consent; cf. Article 9, 2(a). You may withdraw your consent at any time. If you withdraw your consent, this will not affect the lawfulness of any data processing prior to the withdrawal of consent.

Job applications are stored in WebCruiter’s job application system. You may delete that information yourself whenever you wish. If you do not do so, all documents will automatically be deleted after 12 months.

Å Energi has an ICT operating model that involves the use of both internal and external suppliers to operate and maintain its IT systems.

You may exercise your rights by e-mailing us at or writing to:

Å Energi AS
Postboks 603 Lundsiden
4606 Kristiansand

You can also contact our data protection officer.

You are entitled to receive a response without undue delay and no later than within one month.

Access to your own data

You may request a copy of all of the information about you that we process.
Learn more about your right of access

Rectification of personal data

You may ask us to rectify or supplement any information that is inaccurate or misleading.
Learn more about the right to rectification and to provide supplementary information

Erasure of personal data

In certain situations, you may ask us to erase information about you.
Learn more about the right to erasure

Restriction of processing of personal data

In some situations, you may also ask us to restrict the processing of your personal data.
Learn more about the right to restriction of processing

Objecting to the processing of personal data

Where we are processing your personal data in order to perform a task or based on the balance of interests, you have a right to object to our processing of personal data concerning you.
Learn more about the right to object

Data portability

Where we are processing your personal data on the basis of consent or a contract, you may ask us to transmit that data to you or to another data controller.
Learn more about the right to data portability

Complaining about our processing of personal data.

We hope that you will let us know if you think we are not complying with the stipulations of the Personal Data Act. In that case, you may initially choose to do so through your existing contact person or communication channel with us. You may also contact our data protection officer for advice and guidance. If you wish to make a confidential complaint, the data protection officer has a duty of confidentiality.

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