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Organization and management

We are organized so that we are in a strong position to develop Å Energi to become the Nordic region's most forward-looking group within renewable energy.

Group Management

The Board of Directors


Maria Moræus Hanssen

Deputy chair:

Ann Christin Andersen


Lars Erik Torjussen

Tove Elisabeth Pettersen

Lars Petter Maltby

Morten A. Yttreeide

Kristin Steenfeldt-Foss

Asbjørn Grundt

Oddvar Emil Berli

Asbjørn Hoveland

Kristine Gjøsæter

Rune Bæver


Leif Atle Beisland

Gro Undrum

Ragnar Thor Grundtvig Søegaard

Henning Villanger

Kjell Åge Røiland

Sverre Halvard Hamre

Arnt Haugland

Lars Dehlimarken

Arnfinn Baksvær

Our business areas and group functions

Å Energi has five business areas; Hydropower, Renewable management, Grid, Customer and digital solutions as well as New industry.

The business areas are supported by the group functions; People and communication, Finance and business management, Technology, innovation and safety as well as Operations and sustainability.

Business areas and group functions

Hydroelectric power is the cornerstone of our business. The Hydroelectric Power business area is responsible, through the company Å Energi Vannkraft, for operating our hydroelectric resources as efficiently as possible and developing our hydropower portfolio through new investments and growth in Norway and the Nordic region.

We have 73 wholly- and part-owned power stations, which generate 11.3 TWh of clean, renewable energy per year. That is equivalent to the energy consumption of over 700,000 average households.

Our goal is to increase our hydroelectric power generation in Norway and become the country’s third biggest producer of hydropower. We also aim to become Norway’s most efficient hydroelectric power company by introducing new technology and modernising our portfolio, as well as by growing our business in Norway and the Nordic region.

Health and safety is a key priority for the operation of our hydroelectric power stations, as is protecting the countryside and river environments.

Read more about the fantastic hydropower here.

Renewable Energy Management & Trading shall create one of the Nordic region’s leading centres of expertise for managing and trading electricity, as well as strengthen the group’s position and portfolio in the Nordic market.

The Renewable Energy Management & Trading business area is responsible for the Å Energi Group’s trading contracts and for managing market risk. This includes the Group’s management and trading of energy products in the Nordic region and Europe.

The business area, which operates through Å Energi Fornybar Forvaltning, is responsible for managing and maximising the return on the electricity generated by the Group, on behalf of Å Energi Vannkraft.

It does this by trying to optimise scheduling and by managing market risks, taking into account hydrology, weather data and information about markets. Renewable Energy Management & Trading is also responsible for the Group’s trading portfolios and power purchase agreements (PPAs) with industrial customers and investors.

It operates in Nordic and continental European markets, having a presence in Sweden, Germany and Switzerland, as well as in Norway. Its operations in Germany also include dispatch optimisation for renewable energy and trading in guarantees of origin.

Key figures:

  • Renewable Energy Management & Trading has 60 employees, spread across 6 offices in 4 countries.
  • It manages 12 TWh per year, equivalent to 1/11 of Norway’s annual electricity generation.
  • Annual turnover is approximately NOK 7 billion.

Glitre Nett is Norway’s second biggest grid operator with a 30,000-kilometre network that supplies electricity to around 310,000 customers in Buskerud and Agder.

You can find more information on the website 

Due to NVE’s rules on neutrality (see, we are only allowed one link from the group’s home page to We have a link to it from our home page, so unfortunately the web address here is not clickable.

This business area is responsible for creating better customer services and forward-looking solutions in a challenging and diverse energy market.

The following companies form part of Customer & Digital Solutions:

Å Strøm
Å Strøm is one of Norway’s leading electricity providers, delivering electricity and energy-related products and services to private customers.

Learn more about Å Strøm

Vibb is a digital challenger in the Norwegian retail electricity market for private customers. The company creates excellent digital customer experiences through relevant services and products that optimize the customer's electricity consumption.

Learn more about Vibb

Oss Norge
Oss Norge offers technology that retrieves information from the automatic electricity meter, making it easy to monitor your power consumption.

Learn more about Oss

Å Insite
Å Insite makes sustainable choices profitable by providing high-quality energy data. This contributes to energy efficiency, lower costs, and, most importantly, the green transition.

Learn more about Å Insite

Å Energi Fleksibilitet
Å Energi Fleksibilitet develops flexible energy systems for the future through the NorFlex project, by testing and developing technological solutions and business models that facilitate a more efficient and sustainable power grid.

Å Energi Fleksibilitet owns the companies Nodes, which is the market for decentralised flexibility, and Nodes-Tech, which supplies technology.

Flextools provides power management technology to businesses that want to reduce peak power consumption, shift power usage from expensive hours, and facilitate participation in markets where money can be earned by reducing unnecessary power consumption.

Learn more about Flextools

Å Varme Holding
Å Varme Holding is a remote- and district heating group that includes the companies Å Energi Varme and Bio Energy. Å Energi Varme provides district heating in Southern Norway. Bio Energy develops, builds, and operates district heating plants across the country. In total, the group delivered approximately 351 GWh of energy in 2022.

Ergon Nordic
Ergon Nordic is a Nordic biofuel group that produces and trades significant amounts of biofuel throughout the Nordic region. The group includes the companies Norsk Energigjenvinning and Norsk Biobrensel, as well as two subsidiaries in Sweden and Denmark under the name Norbio.

Norsk Energigjenvinning produces wood chips equivalent to 2.5 TWh per year, and Norsk Biobrensel sells biomass equivalent to 800 GWh per year.

Learn more about Ergon Nordic

El-Tilsynet offers and conducts regulatory inspections as instructed by the DSO for all network companies. In addition, they offer electrical fire investigations and preventive education for primary and secondary schools.

Learn more about El-Tilsynet

Drammen Fjernvarme
Drammen Fjernvarme is a district heating company. Since 1984, they have expanded the district heating network and provided heat to businesses and private individuals. In 2022, they delivered 102 GWh of energy. Å Energi owns 50% of the company.

Learn more about Drammen Fjernvarme

Nettpartner is an electrical engineering contractor that builds, operates, and maintains infrastructure for power supply and railways. Å Energi owns 40% of the company.

Learn more about Nettpartner

Viken Fiber
Viken Fiber builds and operates fiber networks over large parts of Eastern Norway. Å Energi owns 26.6 percent of the company.

Learn more about Viken Fiber

The New Industries business area shall position Å Energi to be one of the Nordic region’s leading energy utilities in the areas of energy services and green industrial development.

The following companies are included in the business area:

Å Entelios
Å Entelios is one of the leading energy retailers in the Nordic region. In Norway, it is the leading supplier of electricity to the commercial market.

Click here to learn more about Entelios.

Å Energi Invest
Å Energi Invest makes investments in energy-related businesses from start-up through to maturity. By offering high-level expertise, a good network and close support, we are able to actively develop and add value to companies.

We are interested in good ideas and companies that can be developed into something that will make a difference in existing or new markets. Learn more about what we are looking for.

In order to support its business areas, Å Energi has the following shared functions:

  • Finance and Corporate Governance shall ensure the group has good financial management systems and help it to operate more cost-efficiently and profitably.
  • Operations, Compliance and Sustainability has particular responsibility for supervising operations, the group’s shared functions and work on sustainability.
  • HR and Communication shall position the group as one of Norway’s most attractive employers, and ensure that it has a strong and good reputation amongst the company’s most important stakeholders. 
  • Technology, Innovation and Safety is responsible for the group being an industry leader in its use of technology, safety systems and forward-looking contingency planning. This area is also responsible for innovation at the group level.