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Flexibility services


The green energy transition is important if we want to meet our climate goals, but it is a challenge for the current power grid. Increasing numbers of electric vehicles need charging, and the general rise in electricity consumption means that at times the grid is at the limits of its capacity.

Upgrading the grid to meet peak demand is not a solution to the problem. It would take too long, as well as requiring enormous amounts of investment. Our only option is to make better use of our power grid.

That means we need more ways to obtain and use energy, so we can use the capacity of the electric power system as efficiently as possible.

The flexibility services we offer are helping to bring that about through innovation and change. At the same time, this is creating new business opportunities for the Å Energi Group.

  • Electricity customers should be able to pay lower network tariffs in return for being flexible about when they use their electricity. The NorFlex project is helping to make this a reality.
  • Our subsidiary Enfo is developing advanced systems for identifying, optimising and managing flexible consumer loads in flexibility markets.
  • NODES is an independent exchange for trading distributed flexibility in the energy market.


For å avlaste strømnettet og redusere behovet for økt nettutbygging må vi ha et mer fleksibelt strømforbruk. Det bidrar NorFlex-prosjektet til.

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Euroflex project

The Euroflex project aims to scale the flexibility volumes to make the flexibility value chain able to solve real congestion and voltage problems for the DSOs in their grids.

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