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Guidelines and procedures

Until further notice, the guidelines and procedures established by what was formerly Agder Energi Vannkraft apply. We will inform our suppliers and partners when new guidelines and procedures for the merged hydropower company have been put in place.

All suppliers and/or contractors who have an agreement with what was formerly Agder Energi Vannkraft, now Å Energi Vannkraft, shall follow the company’s guidelines on work procedures, safety and reporting.

Å Energi Vannkraft places great emphasis on implementing and supervising health and safety activities for everyone who will have access to, or work at, power stations or drainage basins where we are responsible for operations and maintenance.

In order to ensure good health and safety practices, we have drawn up guidelines for work procedures, safety and reporting, which shall be followed by everyone who performs work for us. The guidelines are available below.

The cost of necessary courses and of documenting the qualifications needed to meet our guidelines for assignments must be covered by the supplier/contractor in question.

Guidelines and online courses

When carrying out traditional construction work at or near dam installations, work shall be performed in accordance with instructions/procedures/work descriptions/laws and regulations that are typical for these kinds of activities.

Å Energi Vannkraft places great emphasis on implementing and supervising health and safety activities, and it therefore sets some fundamental requirements of everyone working on these kinds of assignments.

  • Å Energi Vannkraft requires it to be less than 12 months since training was completed throughout the duration of the assignment.

Before work on site starts, confirmation of the following training shall be sent to Agder Energi Vannkraft:

  • Agder Energi Vannkraft – health and safety course *)
  • First aid course (basic)

*) Online course available from the self-service portal.

Most of the installations where ÅEVK is responsible for operations and maintenance contain low- or highvoltage electrical installations. Consequently, in order to access our installations you need expertise and knowledge about safety with respect to electrical installations.

ÅEVK uses a system based on safety cards (for electrical installations) to document access permission and other approvals/authorisations related to electrical installations.

The details are described in the instructions for Access to power stations and electrical installations. Section 4.3 gives details of the qualifying requirements for access.

Workers wanting independent access to our installations must apply for a safety card.

Any other enquiries can be sent to the general e-mail address:


  • Use the link above to submit your application for a safety card;
    follow the instructions provided
  • Open the tab “ÅEVK Operations Manager’s instructions” below and familiarise yourself with the relevant instructions. Complete the self-declaration form to document which instructions you are familiar with.
  • Open the tab “Online courses” below to order and complete the ÅEVK health and safety course.
    For electricians, there is also access to AEVK’s online courses here.
  • In conjunction with applying for a safety card, you will receive an e-mail which you must reply to, attaching documentation to demonstrate you have completed the training in:
    – First aid, theoretical and practical, including cardiopulmonary resuscitation, focusing on electrical injuries
    – Electrical safety (see info below)
  • A walk-through shall be done on arrival at installations by appointment.

Electrical safety training can be done as an online course or by some other means.
Workers who need access must at least have completed the following course:
Access to electrical installations
If you wish to buy this from Trainor, you can order it here.

Workers who need access to perform electrical work must have completed the following course:
FSE low- and highvoltage
If you wish to buy this from Trainor, you can order it here.

Workers applying for a safety card must familiarise themselves with the ÅEVK Operations Manager’s instructions. This is done by self-study and should be documented by completing and signing the
ÅEVK Operations Manager’s instructions - Self-declaration

AEVK Operations Manager’s instructions for everyone wanting access:

Access to power stations and electrical installations

Workers who will be performing electrical work must in addition be familiar with the
AEVK Operation Manager’s instructions for carrying out electrical work:

Organisation of areas of responsibility and authority for electrical installations

Work on low-voltage installations and designation of AFA

Live-line work on low-voltage installations

In order to ensure that all workers who will have access to, and perform work at, our installations receive the same high-quality training, ÅEVK has developed its own online courses.

Å Energi Vannkraft – health and safety course
(Å Energi Vannkraft – HMS kurs)

Å Energi E-Learning courses:
Our other online courses can be bought at by searching for courses including “Å Energi” or by following this link: Å Energi Vannkraft – E-Learning