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21. January 2023

Adaptic is a leading provider of smart solutions for measuring, collecting, processing, communicating and visualizing energy-related data and events.

The company brings together expertise, products and experience from multiple companies in a joint effort to deliver smart grids to the energy industry. Adaptic has its office in Kokstad, Bergen.

Visit the website for more information.

ECO STOR offers affordable energy storage systems by utilizing used electric vehicle batteries.

Their proprietary technology provides a complete solution for developers, builders and homeowners who want energy-efficient buildings.

Visit the website for more information.

Ergon Nordic is a Nordic energy company with approximately 350 GWh/year in contracted heat sales and is therefore the fourth largest heat provider in Norway.

The company also produces and sells significant amounts of biomass fuel throughout the Nordic region.

Visit for more information.

Å Energi is participating in two consortia that are applying for offshore wind concessions in the areas of Southern North Sea II and Utsira Nord in Norway.

Å Energi is in partnership with Corio Generation, an internationally leading offshore wind developer, and Vårgrønn, an ambitious offshore wind developer supported by HitecVision and Eni, for the offshore wind concession on Southern North Sea II.

Å Energi is collaborating with Corio Generation for the offshore wind concession on Utsira Nord.

Meventus is a service provider in the wind sector and specializes in wind measurement, wind & site, and asset management.

The company provides services throughout Europe and has offices in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. Meventus was established by Agder Energi Venture in 2012 and its headquarters is located in Kristiansand.

Visit the website for more information.

Morrow Batteries is an initiative by Agder Energi Invest to construct a battery cell factory on the southern coast of Norway.

The company aims to develop and produce the world's most sustainable, innovative, and affordable battery cells.

Visit the website for more information.

Netsecurity is a company that delivers goods and services in IT security to larger and medium-sized businesses in Norway.

The company's employees have high professional competence and are considered a leading environment in this area. Netsecurity's customers include media companies, energy companies, offshore, shipping, and several of the largest municipalities in Agder.

Netsecurity has offices in Kristiansand, Grimstad, Oslo, Stavanger, and Bergen.

Visit the website for more information.

Otovo offers solar panel systems for private homes. The focus is on easily obtaining locally sourced and guaranteed green energy produced on one's own roof.

Otovo is a technology start-up established in 2016. Within its first year, Otovo became a market leader in Norway for the sale of solar panels to private homes.

The head office is located in Oslo. Visit the website for more information.

ReSiTec specializes in recycling and upgrading waste from the process industry. The company handles waste in various forms, solutions, and sizes.

ReSiTec has its own pilot plant that is ideal for developing new processes, products, and equipment to better utilize waste streams.

The company is a competence company in the field with long experience, including from the solar and silicon industry. ReSiTec also offers services in industrial design, engineering, and project management.

ReSiTec's office is located in Kristiansand.

Visit the website for more information.

Skagerak Maturo V is a fund that invests in sustainable technology companies (software and new technology).

Skagerak Seed Capital II is a seed fund that invests in the ICT, renewable energy, and oil/gas sectors.

The fund manages 50 million Norwegian kroner and is managed by the advisory firm Skagerak Venture Capital Management, which also manages Såkorninvest Sør and Skagerak Venture Capital KS.

Skagerak Venture Capital is a venture fund in the later stage, located in the Sørlandet region of Norway. It seeks investments in ICT, digital experience industry and offshore supplier industry.

Agder Energi and Trym Skeie were the initiators of creating the fund.

A total of 256 million Norwegian kroner have been committed to the fund.

Vissim is a leading supplier and technical innovator in maritime operations and safety.

The company develops innovative software solutions for the maritime and offshore sector. Its focus is to provide solutions to optimize construction and operational logistics for wind farms, and to offer safety at sea.

You can visit their website for more information.