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What are we looking for?

22. January 2023

We are looking for good ideas and companies that have the potential to make a difference in existing or new markets. Geographically, our focus areas are the Nordic countries, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, BeNeLux, and the UK.

The key to sustainable development is the wise use of the world's natural resources. We believe that technology can promote a more responsible use of these, and we expect that many of the necessary ideas will come from small and young companies. We are also interested in established companies that need help scaling or companies that have been working for a long time on a good underlying concept, but have not been able to take the right steps to reach the commercialization phase.

We focus on the following sectors:

  • Smart grids and energy efficiency
  • Flexibility (demand response, batteries and storage)
  • Offshore wind
  • Circular economy
  • IT security
  • Decentralized production
  • Suppliers to renewable energy production
  • Digitalization

The best companies are usually the companies that can clearly show that they have a solution to a problem, and that there is a solution that someone is willing to pay for. Behind such solutions, we look for people who have a passion for what they do. Especially, we are interested in the following characteristics of companies:

Strong leadership

Your company can show relevant management experience, previous success stories and the ability to motivate employees.

Large and attractive market

Your company has room to grow and get good margins.

A product that meet a clear need

The product, or service your company sells, meets a clear need and is easy to understand for your customers.

Unique product

Your product is clearly differentiated from competing products, so your company can maintain margins and market share.


Your employees have a strong work ethic, strong customer focus, and a commercial mentality.